GB WhatsApp APK Download Update New Version 2024

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In today’s society, there are many applications available for communication. Social media versatility has been on the rise day by day. One of the most widely used versions of WhatsApp is the GB WhatsApp APK. It is now accepted as the best communication application. Everyone now uses GB WhatsApp APK frequently as it includes the latest features. GB WhatsApp APK introduces many new features that help users do many new things on WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp APK easily works on Android systems, but not iPhones. Because Iphone not allow third-party installation systems. Now you can use both WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp APK and original WhatsApp on the same phone.


GB WhatsApp APK used for:

  • GB WhatsApp APK is used to make Calls:
  • GB WhatsApp APK is utilized for messaging purposes :
  • GB WhatsApp APK is utilized for Media sharing including pictures and videos:
  • It’s employed in document sharing:
  • Users can share Status sharing:
  • Users can customize their Themes and fonts:
  • App lock:
  • Updating long status:
  • Hide blue ticks
  • Hide status view
  • Filter messages:
  • Chat lock:
  • New emojis:
  • DND mode
  • Mark data:
  • Add more than one account:
  • Sending many files at the same time:
  • Backup your data:
  • Pinned more chats:
App NameGB WhatsApp APK
VersionLatest Version
Size114 MB
RequirementAndroid 9.9+
Last Update1 mint ago


Now we discuss each function in detail:

Privacy Setting:

GB WhatsApp APK launched many new features. Users can control their privacy by using these options.

Online Status:

Users can control their online status settings. If the user wants no one to see him being online, then he can hide it from others. The first user goes to the privacy setting and then chooses online status, here he can change it to online status. When the user hides it, no one can see him online.


Hide Double Tick:

GB WhatsApp APK provides an option for hiding double ticks. If the user wants another contact member who did not see his double tick on their messages, then he can hide it easily. The user goes to the privacy setting and selects the double tick so in this way he will hide the double tick.

Hide Blue Tick:

GB WhatsApp APK launched a new feature for hiding blue ticks. The user wants the recipient to know that the user reads his messages so he can hide them from them.

Writing Status:

GB WhatsApp APK shows a feature of hiding typing status. When a user wants other people do not know that he is typing then, he can hide his typing status from other contact members.

Recording Status:

When the user records a voice note, then it is seen by the other person. If the user wants some privacy and wants to hide it, then he hides it from the setting. When the user is off the recording status, then no one sees that user recording a message.

Enable Anti-Revoke Option:      

GB WhatsApp APK allows users to enable the anti-revoke option.

Blue Microphone:  

GB WhatsApp APK provides a new feature of the blue microphone.

Hide View Status:

When the user wants no one to know that the user viewed their status then he can use the to hide view status. Other people do not know that the user sees their status.

Second Tick:

When someone sends a message to a user then, the user does not want the other person to know his internet is and also wants to read that message so the user picks the privacy of the second tick. Now message sender will not know about the double tick.


GB WhatsApp APK created many new themes for users. The original WhatsApp APK did not offer such features. Users can use many themes according to their needs. If the user wants to set a new theme for every contact person, then he can easily do this.

Font Styles:

GB WhatsApp APK creator made a new feature of font style. By using this user can easily change their fonts.

Icon Change:

GB WhatsApp APK introduces a new feature for icons. If users want no one to see WhatsApp easily on the phone screen they can change the icon and it looks different.

Available Dark Mode:    

GB WhatsApp APK introduces a new feature of dark mode. When you want to use WhatsApp in dark mode just on this option and enjoy the dark mode of GB WhatsApp APK.

Updating The App:

When you are using WhatsApp and want to update it you go to Google Play Store and then update it. It’s a kind of long process. GB WhatsApp APK introduces a feature of updating on its own. When its features become.

Emoji Variant:

GB WhatsApp APK shows many new emojis. official WhatsApp shows many emojis but GB Whatsapp APK has a variety of emojis.

Video Status:

Official WhatsApp APK has only 30 30-second limit of video status. GB WhatsApp APK improved this feature and increased the limit of video status. Now users can put the video on status for up to 7 minutes. It is a great feature for updating videos on the status.

Freeze Last Seen:

GB WhatsApp APK is equipped with the new feature of freezing last seen. The user wants to make his last scene freeze and no one knows that the user using the GB WhatsApp APK, so he can freeze it easily. When the user freezes last seen, then its last time will remain the same until he changes this.

Voice Change:

GB WhatsApp APK introduces a feature of voice change. Users can change their voice when they send voice notes to someone else.

Anti-Delete Massage for Everyone: 

Now users can use this anti-delete feature easily. If someone sends you a message, then after a while, delete it before you see it. That message cannot be deleted from your side; you can easily read it, and the sender will not know about it.

Message History:

The user now checks their message history in the GB WhatsApp APK. This feature is not available in official WhatsApp.

App Lock:

GB WhatsApp APK enhances the privacy of your WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp APK increased customer security by introducing an app lock feature.

Stickers Limits:

GB WhatsApp APK shows many stickers, which have no limit. Now users can download from the Google Play Store as much as they want.

Audio File Sending Limit: 

GB WhatsApp APK has increased the limit of audio file-sending limit. Now users can send audio files up to 100 MB.

Group Setting Feature:

GB WhatsApp APK enhances the group feature. Now admins of the groups can see the member’s online status, and also see which member sent how many messages:

DND Mode:

GBWhatsApp APK introduces the feature of DND mode. When users want no message to be received, they will simply turn on the DND mode and no message or call will received. Even when wifi is on, you cannot receive any messages or calls; you can easily use other Internet applications.

Filter Messages:

GB WhatsApp APK has increased the features of the message; now users’ messages filter automatically in GB WhatsApp APK.

Forward Limit:

GB WhatsApp APK has increased the forwarding limit. Now users can forward their messages to many contacts at the same time.

Disable Calling:

GB WhatsApp APK launched a feature to disable calling. If a user wants no one to call him and disturb him, then he can just turn on this feature, and no calls will appear on his WhatsApp. Users can set an automatic reply to incoming calls due to low internet availability.

Pinned Chats:

GB WhatsApp APK enhances the feature of pinning chats. Now users can pin more than 1000 chats. However, official WhatsApp cannot pin that many chats.

Messages Scheduling:

GB WhatsApp APK enhances the messaging feature. now user can schedule their messages. if a user wants to send a message after some time then he can easily schedule it. user sets the time, the date, and the contact number to whom he wants to send a message.


GB WhatsApp APK introduces a new feature of language change. Now users can change their language as per their needs.

Pop-Up Notification:  

When the user receives a new message, then a notification pops up on the screen. GB WhatsApp APK launched this feature, and it enhanced its work.

Send Maximum Pictures:

In official WhatsApp, users can send only some pictures at the same time, but in the GB WhatsApp APK, users can send more than 100 pictures at the same time to others. This feature saves the users time by sending pictures at the same time.

Sending Blank Messages:

GB WhatsApp APK enhances its message feature. Now, users can send blank messages, but in official WhatsApp, users cannot send blank messages.

Status Video Download Option:

GB WhatsApp APK has a new feature of downloading a video from someone else status. Official WhatsApp has not added this feature.

All Chat Selection:

Users can now open all chats from the list that shows on the screen.

Chat Lock:

GB WhatsApp APK allows users to lock someone’s chat that no one has in their WhatsApp. In this way, they can secure their chat from others.

Auto-Update App:

GB WhatsApp APK launched the feature of auto-update. When some change occurs in the GB WhatsApp APK, then user WhatsApp automatically becomes updated.

How To Download GB WhatsApp APK?

Over here mark a few necessary steps from which you can download GB WhatsApk APK.

Storage Space: 

First of all, users need some storage space for downloading GB WhatsApp APK.

Allow Unknown Source:

Allow the unknown source that helps to download the GB WhatsApp APK.


Now user downloads the GB WhatsApp APK.


After downloading now you can install the GB WhatsApp APK on the device.

Log in:

Now user puts in his phone number and uses GB WhatsApp APK.

Backup Process:

The first process is to go to the setting and start a backup by searching it.

The second process is you can directly go to back up, click on it and all your data will be recovered.


Q: Can we use both official WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp APK on the same device?

ANSWER: yes, you can easily use them on the same device.

Q: is GB WhatsApp APK harmful?

ANSWER: No, It is not on using harmful.

Q: Can we update it directly from the APP?

ANSWER: Yes, you can directly update it from settings.

Q: can we use it on iPhones:

ANSWER: YES, you can use it on iPhones.

Q: Can we use it when in aeroplane mode?

ANSWER: No, you don’t use it when aeroplane mode is on, but you can enjoy other internet services.


GB WhatsApp APK has many new features, that help users secure their privacy in a new way. Now users can enjoy unlimited themes, new font styles, group calling, chat privacy,auto-update features, and many more features. Nowadays, GB WhatsApp APK is used by many users, and it is also becoming more popular day by day. Users can easily download it and enjoy all its features.

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