AM WhatsApp APK v2.60 Download Update New Version 2024

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What is AM WhatsApp APK?

AM WhatsApp APK is one of the modes versions of the original WhatsApp. AM WhatsApp APK contains many features that help the user when they communicate through messaging. Nowadays, messaging communications applications have increased day by day, but one of the fastest and easiest applications is AM WhatsApp APK.  AM WhatsApp APK has many unique features like hiding last seen, hiding status, setting message schedules, set new themes, which are available in larger quantities. AM WhatsApp APK did not take up too much space in your Android phone.

Types Of AM WhatsApp APK

  • BLUE AM WhatsApp
  • PINK AM WhatsApp
  • RED AM WhatsApp
  • GREEN AM WhatsApp

AM WhatsApp APK consists of four different types. All these types contain their colors. All types contain BLUE AM WhatsApp, PINK AM WhatsApp, RED AM WhatsApp, and GREEN AM WhatsApp. These four types are used for communication with others. Messaging is the easiest way to communicate with people who live far from us. AM WhatsApp APK is easily used on Android phones. Android users download it from the website. AM WhatsApp APK is officially not available on the Google Play Store, so the user can download it from here and enjoy its many enhanced features.

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AM WhatsApp APK Features:

Privacy Settings:

AM WhatsApp APK enhances privacy for customer satisfaction. Below are some main privacy settings.

Hide Online Status:

User can hide their online status from others. No one will know whether the user is online or not.AM WhatsApp APK provides this feature. GB WhatsApp and AM WhatsApp also provide this feature. This is the best feature of AM WhatsApp APK.

Hide View status:

AM WhatsApp APK enahnces the view setting. Now users can hide their views from others. when other contact members put their status and the user sees their status, but through this setting, the status uploader cannot know about that user seeing their status.

Hiding Profile Photo:

AM WhatsApp APK allows users to hide their display pictures from others. The user may also hide their display photo from some members by selecting them from the contact list and hiding the display photo.


Hide Description:

AM WhatsApp APK enahnce the privacy settings. Now users can not only hide their display picture from other contacts; they can also hide their description. The description is the written statement, which is shown below the display photo. If someone wants to hide it from some members, then they can easily hide it by going into settings.


AM WhatsApp APK makes communication easy for people from different countries. Each country has its language. AM WhatsApp APK introduces different languages, like Portuguese and Italian, in the language options. Now people who speak Italian or Portuguese can easily use it and enjoy it.

Chats Options On Screen:

When a user is using other applications and receives some messages on WhatsApp and does not open them, AM WhatsApp APK shows new options that WhatsApp chats show on the screen. When chats show up on the screen, the user easily replies to them. The users don’t need to open WhatsApp.

Deleted Messages Record:

When the user deletes some chats or deleted messages, their record is kept in the AM WhatsApp APK. AM WhatsApp APK introduces a new feature for recording deleted messages. If another person deletes some messages and the user has not read them, then those deleted messages are shown in the record.

Message Translator:

AM WhatsApp APK enhances the message setting. As the user receives some messages in another language, AM WhatsApp APK translates them into the user language. This feature helps the user in many ways. This feature is also available in the GB WhatsApp APK.

Theme Server:

AM WhatsApp APK has a larger theme serve; that’s why it provides a lot of different types of themes to the users.

Sharing Of Themes:

Sharing a theme with another user was not as easy as now. AM WhatsApp APK solves the issue of sharing themes with others. Users can easily send and share themes with other contact members.

Ban Proof:

AM WhatsApp APK is an anti-ban service. Users can easily use it without banning tension.

DND Mode:

AM WhatsApp APK enhances the feature of DND mode. When the user uses another application and wants WhatsApp messages not to disturb him, he can just be in the DND mode. even users connecting with wifi, he would not receive any messages on WhatsApp. This is the best feature of the AM WhatsApp APK.

Message To Unknown Number:

When the user has not saved someone’s number in his contact list and then wants to send him messages, the AM WhatsApp APK allows the user to send messages to the new number without saving that number. This feature of sending messages to unknown numbers helps the user save time by saving numbers.

Disabled Forward Tag:

When someone sends a message to a user and then he wants to forward it without a forwarding tag, then he can easily remove this forwarding tag. this feature helps the user to remove the forwarding tag.

Tick And Bubble Style:

The AM WhatsApp APK enhances the style of bubbles and ticks. AM WhatsApp APK provides 17 ticks and 17 bubble styles. Users want to set different styles, and they can easily change them at any time.

Sending Images:

AM WhatsApp APK increases the sending limit of images. Users can send 90 images at the same time;  this feature helps them send as many pictures at the same time. GB WhatsApp also has this feature.

Broadcast Messages: 

AM WhatsApp APK tells the user which message is from the broadcast; this helps the users a lot.

Auto Reply:

when a user is busy or has a business number, they can set the auto-reply to others. If a user is busy and someone messages them, then they set auto-reply, and the message sender receives a reply at once. This helps the user, as they have no time to answer everyone at that moment.

Scheduling Message:

AM WhatsApp APK helps the user set a message schedule, which helps the user send messages when they are doing something else. The user sets the message-sending time and name of the member to whom he wants to send the message and types the message that he wants to send.

Easier Conversation:

AM WhatsApp APK makes the conversation easier for the users. Users can easily send messages on time, send many pictures at the same time, and also share themes.

Group Message:

AM WhatsApp APK makes the group message easier. Sending a message to multiple contacts simultaneously is possible with the app, which facilitates good communication in both your professional and personal circles. AM WhatsApp APK group messaging feature makes it easier to plan events, organize teams, or catch up with friends.

Pin Status and Messages On The Top:

AM WhatsApp APK enhances the limit of pinning chats. Now users can pin more chats and statuses at the top. Pinning chat and status helps the user identify the chat of the required person.

Improved Media Experience:

AM WhatsApp APK enables users to experience a visually immersive messaging experience by bringing all the effects to the home screen. Furthermore, the app allows you to alter the voice of voice recordings, enhancing the creativity of your conversions.

Sharing Of Audio And Video Limits:

AM WhatsApp APK increases the limit of audio and video. Users can send video up to 50 MB, and they can also send audio clips up to 100 MB.

File Sharing Formats:

AM WhasApp PK enhances the feature of file-sharing format. Official WhatsApp provides some formats for file sharing, but the AM WhatsApp APK provides different formats like PDF, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Users can easily share any kind of file with anyone through the AM WhatsApp APK.

More Immediate Reactions:

The modified application provides and incorporates a greater number of instantaneous response elements in comparison to the original version. So people can pick from a variety of responses to offer immediately during conversation. It has more grins, emojis, emotios, GIFs, and other stuff.

App Lock:

AM WhatsApp APK provides different types of locks for the safety of users. Users can set pins for the safety of WhatsApp. Users can set the pattern for the app lock. Users can set fingerprints for app lock. No one opens users’ WhatsApp without putting the app lock.

Install And Download On  An Android Device:

To download and install the updated version of AM WhatsApp APK, simply follow these steps:

Simply navigate to your WhatsApp settings and make a backup of your chat to secure it.

Go to chat backup>backup under settings.

Allowing the installation of unidentified devices is the second step.

Turn it on by going to settings>security> unknown devices.

Following that, simply click the file, select the install option, and wait for the installation to finish.

After installation is finished, launch the installed program and grant all necessary rights.

WhatsApp is now installed on your device.

Give your mobile number so that it may be verified.

You will receive an OTP on your phone.

In WhatsApp enter the verification code.

You can now utilize WhatsApp.

Installation on PC:

Should you wish to get the AM WhatsApp APK for your computer? you may use it on your computer to make use of the feature of AM WhatsApp APK, but to do so you must first download and install an Android emulator on your computer. This will allow you to run the AM WhatsApp APK on your computer.

Kindly adhere to these easy procedures to download and set up the PC version of AM WhatsApp mod.

Download the blueStacks emulator.

Access it on your computer.

Using the provided downloaded link, download the AM WhatsApp APK file on your PC.

Drag and drop the file to the emulator from your PC now.

Now launch your emulator and open the APK file.

Press the install button.

In a few seconds, installations will begin and be finished.

Your emulator screen will display the icon once the installation is finished.

Launched the MOD version of WhatsApp and granted all necessary access.

Now input the mobile number you wish to use with WhatsApp.

Check your phone number then, use the PC Whatsapp mod to have fun.


All of it has to do with the AM WhatsApp APK mod, a third-party application that you can download from our website and that can outperform all other mod features. It increased all of the restrictions that are present in the official WhatsApp and has many additional functions that are not available there.


Can we use AM WhatsApp APK on IOS?

No, AM WhatsApp APK is only used on Android devices.

Can it provide more security?

Yes, AM WhatsApp APK has many new features for security.

Can we use 2 numbers at the same time in the AM WhatsApp APK?

Yes, you can easily use 2 numbers at the same time in the AM WhatsApp APK.

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