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As we know day by day technology become advances, everything becomes more advanced, as we are aware. Similar some communication Apps also become advanced. Communication apps contain many apps, but here we are discussing one, that is FM WhatsApp APK. FM WhatsApp APK is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app. When we talked about FM WhatsApp APK, we thought that I might be like the official WhatsApp but here we surprised that it contains a lot of new features which are not present in the official WhastsAPP. It contains mostly advanced features like pinning more chats, putting long paragraphs on your status, new privacy hacks, enable DND, set the message scheduler, freezing last scene, see deleted status, increased group limit and many more new advanced features like these.

Original WhatsApp has many copies, but FM WhatsApp APK is the best copy of original WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp APK is not available on the google play, but you can download it from any trusted third party. In the modified version you can change the green color layout which is shown in the original WhatsApp.

App NameFMWhatsApp APK
Size76.3 MB
Last Update1 mint ago


Fouad Mokdad is the person who created a third party modified version of FM WhatsApp APK. Both Apps work differently. Original WhatsApp provide less features and FM WhatsApp APK provides a series of new features.


FM WhatsApp APK has many advanced features, here we discussed them in some details:

Here, in this picture we can see many features of FM WhatsApp APK. These features explain in details below.


In officials WhatsApp we send images with low resolution which appear bad in the result. FM WhatsApp APK provides a facility of high resolution. In FM WhatsApp APK we can send images with the high resolution. As shown below in the picture. You can send images with the highest quality. Also, you can increase the limit of sending files. This is the advanced feature of FM WhatsApp APK. Now without any hesitation you can send images with highquality.


If you do not have enough space to save media in your gallery, so don’t worry about it. FM WhatsApp APK launch a new feature of hide media the gallery. Go to settings and open hide media gallery and click on photos, videos, GIFs. Your images now only shown in the FM WhatsApp APK not in the gallery. If you want that no one sees your data in the gallery, you can also use this setting to hide your media. Thus, the most advanced feature f FM WhatsApp APK. Not only images, videos, you can also hide documents and other media links from others in FM WhatsApp APK.


FM WhatsApp APK launch a new setting of messages. Now user can set auto reply to their messages. When someone is too busy and have no time to reply so they can now set this setting. When someone sends them messages, it is possible for them to receive a replay automatically. If user have not someone number in their contact list now, they can easily reply them without saving their numbers.

FM WhatsApp APK provide a new feature of scheduler message. If user wants that his message sends after some time so he can easily schedule their messages. The user sets the date, time and the name of that person whom he wants to send a message. FM WhatsApp APK sent this message at that time which is set by the user.

4:privacy setting:

FM WhatsApp APK show new settings like freeze last seen, disabled forwarded and also call settings. User can freeze their last seen. The user wants that his last seen remains same, but he is using his FM WhatsApp APK so he can set the last seen and freeze it for some time. This is one the best feature of FM WhatsApp APK.

User can also set their call settings. User can set who can call him, only people from the contact list, only close friends.

User also hide their view status from other. If a user sees someone’s status and want that contact do not know that he has seen his status. So, user uses this privacy setting. When someone put a status and after sometime he deleted it, but you can view their status. FM WhatsApp APK launched this feature and seen other status even they deleted them on their phones.

It, also contains a feature to disable forwarded tag which means user can resend message without forwarding tag. In original WhatsApp when we resend a message it shows forwarding tag however, in FM WhatsApp APK user can disable this tag and resend message without forwarding tag.


FM WhatsApp APK introduce a new feature of translation of chats. If the user received a chat which is in any other languages, then he can use this feature to translate it in his language.  This feature helps the user to chat with anyone by using a translator.

6:DND Mode:

FM WhatsApp APK introduce a new feature of DND mode. In this feature, the user will not receive any message or call from anyone.When the user turns on this mode, he will be able to use the internet on his phone. Even if the user connects to the internet and using other APPs, he will not receive any message or call from it.


FM WhatsApp APK provide a chat backup option. If user wants a backup of his chat, then he can use this new feature of FM WhatsApp APK.


In this setting, the user will hide blue ticks, so that another person will not know that he received other messages. The user will also hide the second tick, which shows that message delivered to the user. By hiding this second tick other, person thinks that user have not on their internet. In this way the user can easily use his FM WhatsApp APK.

If user wants to hide its typing during the message, then he can easily hide typing in FM WhatsApp APK. If the user also want that no one knows when he is recording his voice note, he can also hide it in FM WhatsApp APK. If someone deletes a message, the user who using FM WhatsApp APK will still be able to see it.

9: FM WhatsApp APK updates:

FM WhatsApp APK given an option of update.when you need to update your App then you can directly update it.

10: Themes:

FM WhatsApp APK launch a new feature of colorful themes. When user wants that hisWhatsApp screen look good and background also looks good then he can use it. FM WhatsApp APK provide many new themes. If user want that each chat looks differently then he can also use these themes.

11: FM WhatsApp APK Icon:

FM WhatsApp APK has a unique feature of changing the icon. When user getting bored from the one icon, then he can change it. Firstly, open your FM WhatsApp APK then click on the right corner which has 3 dots,click on them, a list of different functions appears here. Now you choose one of them that is FMMdosand now, go to FMMods. When you open FMModsclick on the universal option. When you click on this it shows different options. You will choose second one style, when you press one style there are many emojis variant shows on the screen. Now you click on the launcher icon, it shows different options of icons.Choose one of them and it will show to the others. Now you have a new icon. Whenever you want a new icon follow this process and change it.

12: Overcoming the limitations on sharing:

1:Now you can send high resolution images without any reduction in the FM WhatsApp APK.

2: you can organize groups with as many as 500 users, exceeding the original WhatsApp limit of 250.

3:FM WhatsApp APK Provides assesses to various files types.

4:Now you can easily send 90 high quality images at the same time by using FM WhatsApp APK.

5:FM WhatsApp APK provide an option to transfer audio files with a maximum size of 100 MB each.

6:Now you can post statuses that last upto 7 minutes, achieving better result than WhatsApp. This is one of the best features of FM WhatsApp APK.

13: Personalized settings:

1:Change the color scheme of the status bar,navigation bar and background bar.

2:User can select a distinctive launcher icon and notification icon design for the FM WhatsApp.

3:User can choose their favorite picture as their wallpaper.

4:User can make changes to the font, chat bubble color and style as you please.

5:FM WhatsApp APK allows you to customize your theme with a variety of downloadableavailable through FM WhatsApp APK.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FM WhatsApp APK and the official WhatsApp:

                       FM WHATSAPP APK                   REGULAR WHATSAPP
It provides customization optionsIt does not provide customization options
It shows many new featuresIt shows less features
It cannot provide an option who can call youIt provides an option which allows you to choose who can call you
It provides DND modeIt does not provide the DND mode
It allows you to send a message to the numbers which are not saved in your contact listIt does not provide this option
It allows to hide the online status viewIt does not provide such options


Advantages and disadvantages of FM WhatsApp APK and WhatsApp:


1: User can download photos which are sent as once view.

2: User can download other person’s status.

3: User can restrict call.

4: User can turn on flight mode and use other internet apps.

5: User can freeze their last seen which is a unique feature of FM WhatsApp APK.

6: User can hide their profile picture from the contacthe wants to hide.

7: Users have the option to hide their profile picture from certain contacts to prevent them from seeing it.

8: User will receive updated notification automatically.

9: User can share data up to 1 GB.


1: By using the original WhatsAppUser cannot download photos which are sent as view once.

2: In official WhatsApp User can only view other status, but cannot download it.

3: User cannot restrict any callon official WhatsApp.

4: User cannot turn on light mode in original WhatsApp.

5: In original WhatsApp user can send only a 25 MB file.

6: If a trusted third-party is not available to download the FM WhatsApp APK, it could be unsafe.

Following are the steps for the downloading and installation of the FM WhatsApp APK.

1: First ofallopen your browser and then search FM WhatsApp APK.

2: Your search result will appear on the screen.

3: Open the website which shows on the screen.

4: Now download FM WhatsApp APK from it.

5: Now open your file manager and start the installation of the FM WhatsApp APK.

6: Allow install from unknown sources.

7: Now install it and enjoy its new features.


                APPLICATION NAME                    FM WHATSAPP APK


1:Canwe use both apps on the same device?

Answer: Yes, we can use FM WhstApp APK and normal WhatsApp on the same phone.

2: what is the main reason of using FM WhatsApp APK over regular WhatsApp?

Answer: FMWhatsAppAPK provides a lot of new features which are not provided by the regular WhatsApp.

3: FM WhatsApp APK is safe or not?

Answer: when you used it through trusted sources then it can be safe.


Reading all the features we conclude that FM WhatsApp APK has many unique features so we can use it easily. If a person wants some more privacy, then FM WhatsApp APK provide it easily. FM WhatsApp APKuser can easily install it from the website

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